9 Ways to Wear Leopard in the Spring

1: Vince Camuto // 2: Sam Edelman // 3: Max and Chloe // 4: Rebecca Minkoff // 5: Caffe Swimwear // 6: Steve Madden // 7: Madewell // 8: Reiss //

9: Stylebop


If you’re as obsessed with leopard as I am, you’ve probably been pining for a way to wear it this spring. I decided to share with you my favorite ways to incorporate a little leopard into your springtime lifestyle. 

Accessorize it: Whether it’s with a leopard print bracelet, watch, earrings, shoes, bag, or a belt. Choose wisely and wear accordingly. Never go overboard! Pick one leopard print piece and rock it. For a little added leopard, tie a thin scarf like #8 to your handbag. I am absolutely adoring the Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. in leopard. So cute! 

Tuck it away: Undergarments are the easiest way to wear leopard print. No one will know but you and your significant other. Just make sure to leave the light-colored tees hanging up in your closet while wearing one of these sexy stunners like #9

Swim with it: With summer just around the corner, we have even more places to put a little leopard. I love the all-leopard look of this swimsuit and this one from Stylebop is a steal at only $94 and is super adorable!! 

What is your favorite animal print accessory? 



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9 Responses to 9 Ways to Wear Leopard in the Spring

  1. I have to say #2 and #6 are my favorite ones! Great post and thanks for sharing!

  2. Jenny Guill says:

    #2 is awesome, but for a cheaper alternative for #7 (because I can’t always afford $118 for shoes!), Target has some very similar in style and color for $12.99! And they are comfortable to boot!

  3. Definitely love the look of leopard as an accessory! I have a similar pair of Sam Edelman sandals, and they are the perfect addition to so many looks.

  4. Liz H says:

    I love the Madewell flats! So cute!

  5. alovesj2010 says:

    Loving numbers 1,2, and 4!

  6. everyone needs some leopard print! :)

    xo Lisa

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